I clean dolls made from: bisque, china, hard plastic, vinyl, composition, papier mache and cloth.
I also clean and restore dolls, wigs and clothes.

Body Repairs

  Broken Fingers and Toes It is rare to find a doll that has been well played with that will not have at least one missing digit. I rebuild and match these to  the rest of the body. Broken and Frayed sockets Just like us, a dolls joints wear over[…]


I restring ball-jointed bodies, 5 piece baby bodies, composition, open and closed crown dolls. Any doll that has a body of several parts will ask to be restrung after a few decades of play. Its precious head may be coming loose and its limbs dangling. A re-string with new elastic[…]


I reset both ‘still’ and ‘sleep eyes’, making sure that the eyes are properly positioned and the correct restoration techniques and materials are used.


German Dolls or your French dolls such as will have bisque or china heads. Where boken or cracked they can be invisibly repaired and repainted. Composition heads are badly effected by changes in humidity and temperature.


I do not restore either wax or celluloid dolls, though I can recommend experts who can help. I am happy to share advice on their care and history. Cleaning >>>>> Body Repairs >>>>> Re-stringing >>>>> Eyes >>>>> Heads >>>>> Celluloid and wax >>>>>