Costs of Repair

Costs of Repair

Every doll is unique, even if they have come from the same factory and have been made from the same mold and in the same year. Their history will have influenced their present strength and fragility.
I could tell you that I can restring your doll for an average price of £25 but you may then tell me that she as a missing an arm socket or has a chip on its neck, which would then need additional work.
Setting eyes in an open crown head is much easier than setting them in a closed head.

There are several doll hospitals that you may consider to restore your doll. Do ask about how long they have been restoring dolls, their expertise. A good doll restorer will know their strengths and limitations and advise you when another restorer may be more appropriate. Your doll may be valuable but will almost certainly be precious to you but sadly cost is often a deciding factor as to whether a doll can be restored.

There are three main approaches to consider when thinking of repairing your doll. Each will influence the cost of repair and the future value of your doll. Please contact me for advise on the most appropriate way forward on mending your doll. If you live in South West UK you can bring your doll in for appraisal. If you live further afield contact me for an intitial discussion

Doll Repair will keep your doll strong and in usable condition to be enjoyed for the future. This is the most usual (and I find rewarding) approach. It will cover replacing missing parts, restringing, resetting eyes, repairing cracked and broken heads. Any necessary cleaning, repair or possible replacement of wigs. It covers repair of digits and limbs. See

Doll Restoration is when a doll back is brought back to as close to its original state as possible. It often, though not exclusively, applies to more recent hard plastic, vinyl and composition dolls. Restoration can mean stripping a doll back to its basics and rebuilding. It can involve deeper cleaning and sometimes erasing much of its history. See American Mama Doll in the Before and After pages.

Doll Conservation will conserve your dolls history and prevent any damage from getting worse, preserving your doll for years to come. It will not try to hide the experiences of her past. The odd chip or hairline crack, the missing finger, the crazing in composition. Conservation will entail treating a doll for moth or insect infestation, reinforcing a hairline crack so that it does not develop into a breakage. Cleaning away the dust that may damage a doll further. See Adorable SFBJ Bluette (1910) in the Before and After pages.