Setting eyes

German and French china and bisque dolls will largely have delicate hand blown glass eyes, though many are also painted. Composition  American dolls, such as Shirley Temple, Effanbee, Mama and others will have closed heads and plastic or metal eyes and are set in a different way.
Eyes come loose over time and can fall out if a doll is not stored properly. Please feel free to ask me for tips on storing your doll.
I reset both ‘still’ and ‘sleep eyes’, making sure that the eyes are properly positioned and the correct restoration techniques and materials are used.


Sleep eyes use a weighted rocker system. These sometimes need to be remade or realigned, which can be done while setting the eyes.

Broken eyes

If your dolls eyes are broken into pieces or are missing completely I keep a large supply of original antique glass blown eyes for when an eye is beyond repair. Iris transplants can be carried out when a dolls eyes are discoloured or when plastic and resin eyes may have cracked or deteriorated. I often practice successful surgery on these eyes.

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